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          Over the past 30 years, millions of moms have attended playgroups and parent/child classes. These groups have given moms and children an opportunity to spend special one-on-one time together, and for moms to socialize, sharing the joys and trials of parenting. The Mommy & Me Company and Association were founded by Dr. Cindy in 1979, when she opened the Parent-Child enrichment Center in Florida, where she taught Mommy & Me classes. Over the years, Dr. Cindy has worked closely with thousands of children and families. As her classes grew in popularity, parents asked her how they could bring some of the fun activities into their daily routine. The Mommy & Me Company was founded in response to this need.
         “Bold, resolute, firm and tenacious describes Dr. Buttinsky™, aka Dr. Cindy Bunin. She knows just how to listen and gives the types of solutions that people will hear. A complete departure from the typical television talking heads! And finally a woman! Dr. Buttinsky™ …The new doc on the block!
         Dr. Buttinsky’s™ ambushes are filled with an outpouring of raw emotions as people are confronted in a public arena, and know they are now under Dr. Buttinky’s™ microscope. In this seemingly uncomfortable, startling encounter, Dr. Buttinsky™ will quickly “break the ice” by getting down to business using her “take no prisoners” approach! For more info about Dr. Buttinsky:

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